Metal Pen and Ruler Set

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Product Description

Motivation for school work or getting through a long day at office can be a little bit of a struggle. Stationary can sometimes cheer up a morale when you have something pretty to look at. Even if it is just to practice your handwriting. This ultra smooth pen, with it's own vintage business pen bag and metal ruler, is the right choice for you to keep organized and look stylish while using it.   

Includes: Polished Brass Pen, Brass Ruler, Twilight Vintage Bag

*Please Note: Brass oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs when brass comes in contact with air. After a period of use, when exposed to air and sweat, the surface color of brass becomes dark - especially in the summer. When the temperature increases, oxidation accelerates. Especially the part of grip, because of sweat.

Suggestions: After every use, wipe the whole pen with dry paper towel, which makes sweat spread evenly on the pen. As a result, there will be a “protective cover” after a period. Wipe the pen with a bit of vegetable oil every month, which will help retain the condition of the pen.