Leather Padfolio with 8 GB Power Bank and USB Flash Drive

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Product Description 

Easy to charge, easy to carry and meeting multiple functionalities. This is the next level organizer you need. Hassle free and light to carry, you can discreetly carry it to meetings or around campus. 

Built-in input and output cable keep you powered even during a meeting. 
Fashionable and high-quality design, with card insert pockets and paper changing function. The power bank is standard product, with standard input and output interface. Fit for any digital products with a USB 2.0 such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung and more.

5V DC - 1A
Output: 5V DC - 1/2 A
Inner Pages: 60 sheets (120 pages)

A5 Capacity: 8GB + 6000 mAh 
Big notebook size: 23.7 cm x 16.8 cm (A5)

A6 Capacity: 8GB + 3000 mAh
Small notebook size: 19.2 cm x 11.8 cm (A6)