Awkward Ninja Cup with Spoon and Coaster

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Product Description

Dressing up like an ordinary ceramic mug is the perfect disguise to infiltrate any workplace. Accidentally leave it on your boss's desk, in your co-worker cubicle, or at someone's house, and this Ninja mug will gather vital intel on the terrain, communication, and coffee and tea-drinking habits of the inhabitants.

Ninja Mug is a stealthy mug, but it also has manners. It comes with a removable sleeve (with a cutout for the eyes) and a shuriken coaster. Just drop in your sugar and cream, and stir things up with your ninja sword. Unless you like it black, like our little ninja friend here.

Accessories: Spoon, Coaster
Material: Ceramic
Shape: Handgrip
Type: Coffee Mugs
Capacity: 300 - 400 ml