Getting to the Point

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Getting to the Point

Does anyone even write letters anymore? 

We spend hours happily typing away on a keyboard, paying little heed to the pain in our back, neck, wrist, legs, kidneys? But who cares right?! 

Give a child a writing tool and watch them squirm within a minute. 

“My wrist hurts. My hand is cramping. I’m getting a headache. My vision is getting blurry.”

Why are we so afraid to pick up a pen and just write? Why have we given up so easily?

It’s simple, we have become lazy and technology consumes most of our waking time. We have replaced the pencil in our child’s hand with a tablet, the books with a PS controller and the wonder in their eyes, with an eery blank stare when you try to talk to them. 

Letter writing has long become extinct but what we don’t realize is how it kept us socially and intellectually connected with the world around us. Majority of us realize how artificial networking and social connections are online yet, it does not deter us. The outrageous amount of insensitivity we come across online on daily basis, due to the speed at which communication takes place and the anonymity it could entail at times, drives us to type without thinking.  

It starts with you. Turn off the wifi (including the data running on your phone) and disconnect. Grab your favorite pen. Wait, take this one. It’s way cooler. (You’re welcome). No need to worry about decluttering your mind, just write freely. Write whatever comes to your mind. It could be the fact that you are bored or the color of your wall isn’t bright enough. This is for you! You write non-stop for 5 minutes. That’s it. Let your mind drift. Pen each thought without fearing judgement. Your letter to yourself could very well end up in the trash but not before giving you great insight.

It takes the noise away and you get a grip on what’s really going on in that fascinating mind of yours. Too many times, our verbal communication is on auto-pilot. We say what is socially and politically correct, at times without even thinking. In the process, we end up neglecting the emotional and logical integration of our minds. This practice will help you process the thoughts constantly running through your mind. You know, the ones your brush under the rug?

Here is a sample of how it could possibly go (an excerpt from my own writing):

"Great! I have to be very careful with my words because this gets published publicly. I spelt publicly wrong, haha. Thank god for spell check, I would end up making an utter fool out of myself. It's funny how...wait...I heard a distracting horn and I forgot what I was thinking. Dang it!!"

Who knew a paper and pen could be self empowering? Try it. It just takes 5 minutes to find out how!

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