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Here is our solution to tackle our worst enemy, our memory! In an age of technology and our constant battle to juggle all sorts of tasks, and then having to remember them too, this Monthly Blackboard Calendar Sticker is a genius way to not only recall but have our schedule on display at all times as well. Now all we have to do, is remember to mark our plans on the organizer.

So while you are at it, head on over to our office supplies section and check out our Liquid Chalk Pens, which are pretty darn neat too!

this month wall calendar sticker


Sometimes we have trouble containing our excitement when we see stationery. It's the kind of enthusiasm that almost makes us sure that we may end up doing something utterly wrong, like walking into a glass door or tripping over ourselves while deciding which aisle to begin browsing in. So trust us when we say this, we will bring the coolest and most trendy stationery your way. This is not your typical stationery shop where you run to grab supplies for your school project. This is the paper shop where you want to spend hours browsing, digging for hip new gift ideas. This is the place where you will find cool gifts for that fussy friend or family member who makes faces at your gifts.

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